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Testel Appliance Testing


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The process of Electrical Testing & Tagging for electrical appliances is to ensure its safety for usage.  The term Testel Appliance Testing can be referred to as Electrical Tagging, Portable Appliance Testing, General Appliance Testing, Tagging or Lead Tagging. Testel Test and Tag Perth can conduct an Electrical Test & Tag clearance to ensure that the equipment in your home or office is free of faults and damages. Testel Appliance Testing ensures all your electrical equipment and devices within the building, office, home or any other environment is electrically safe, legal and compliant to Occupational Health Safety Standards. Our team of qualified and dedicated electricians can provide you with the best testing and tagging requirements ensure full compliancy to WorkCover requirements.

Testel Appliance Testing - Testel Test and Tag Perth provides its Test & Tag service for all types of electrical equipment including:

Residential Current Devices
Power Boards
Power Points
Extension Leads
Portable Appliances
Kitchen Appliances

Testel Appliance Testing -Testel Test and Tag Perth conduct electrical inspections that examine the following electrical damages;

Usage and Aging
Fault Finding- Defects on Socket Outlets, Plugs and Connectors
Invisible Electrical Faults
Device Suitability
Visual Inspection of Internal Cord Layouts
Defective Work
Component Parts

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Testel Appliance Testing
Electrical Test & Tag Professionals in Perth
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