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Residual Current Device Testing


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A Residual Current Device (RCD) which can also be referred to as a Safety Switch, is an imperative to have in your home or office for the safety of the occupants. RCDs monitor the level of electrical current within a circuit. They are designed to detect any disturbance to the electrical flow through the electrical circuit, and to promptly switch the power off if a disturbance typically related to electric shock or be identified.

The Occupational Health & Safety Act 2000 and Occupational Health & Safety Regulation 2001 require that RCD testing occurs frequently to ensure the proficiency of your safety switch.  They are most commonly connected to power circuits and more recently to lighting circuits. Safety Switch Testing is important to ensure that RCDs don’t freeze up when not operate frequently over a duration of time. This introduces the use of a self-testing button on each RCD to test the device on a monthly basis.

Recent legislation has been presented that entails all employers, business owners, building owners & landlords ensure that every power outlet in their establishment  now must be protected by safety switch's (RCD's) to ensure the safety of patrons. Severe penalties will now apply if injury or death happens at your establishment due to disregard of these obligations. If you have not received RCD testing at your workplace or home, call us today to book one of our expert electrical test and tag technicians in Perth to conduct an inspection.  

Main types of RCD’s include:
Fixed RCD- This is situated at the fuse box and provides the maximum level of protection against electrical injury
Socket Outlet RCDs-. These are used instead of normal power outlets and shield both the user of the lead and outlet
Portable RCDs- These devices are plugged into the power outlet and are often considered if there are no RCDs currently in place

The Australian Standards require that a trip test is conducted using the precise equipment as well as capturing the data to indicate compliancy to this standard. RCD Testing can involce a range of services, Testel Appliance Testing - Testel Test and Tag Perth will:
Test your Safety Switches
Check Compliance to Australian Standards
Measure the Trip and Current Time
Provide a Barcode for Tracking and Data Management
Circuit Protection Check
General Clean of the Switchboard
Ensure Switchboard Doors and Seals are Intact
Perform Data Capture to the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760.2010
Record Test Results and Actions
Maintain Safety Switch Testing Records for 7 years
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