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Record Database & Reporting


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Regular Testing & Tagging of electrical equipment and devices is an important safety procedure to any business or residential property. Ensuring and adhering to OHS compliance and electrical safety testing is a must-have service in the industrial warehouse, commercial offices, residential homes or anywhere else that electrical devices are used. At Testel Appliance Testing - Testel Test and Tag Perth we co-ordinate and record each service we provide to individual clients into an administrative database. This ensures our Test & Tag Electricians Perth can offer a fast, accurate and effective co-ordination to our clients and their test records alongside many other snippets of information. This information is then entered into our proprietary database called TES. One of the most advantageous features of TES is that we are able to capture existing records that are already in other systems.

Our fully qualified and trained Test & Tag Electricians Perth manage the preparation and presentation of each client’s personal records and ensure we conduct effective reporting and management of your specific client register.  We can adjust and modify the current TES computer reporting characteristics to deliver specific reports and data to meet individual client needs. When an electrical item is tested, we tag it and provide information about the testing outcomes and other vital information. Managing this information in an efficient manner is important, especially if you are testing a large amount of electrical items.

Once we test your equipment in line with Australian Standards we then record the following information:

Asset Number
Conducted Test Types
Location and Date of Testing
Description of the Electrical Device or Appliance Tested
Next Scheduled Test Date
The Outcome of the Test
Any Repairs Made/required
Reports on any of the above can be presented, including a summary of tests carried out and the test values / ratings that were obtained.
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