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Microwave Leakage Testing


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Have you ever tested your microwave oven? Due to their being no legal requirement for testing radiation leakage from microwave ovens in the workplace, retail shop or home, most people won’t even consider such a service. If you want extra peace of mind that your safety is not being comprised Testel Appliance Testing - Testel Test and Tag Perth offers this service to our clients.

Microwave testing is important and can detect a range of reasons your microwave oven is experiencing radiation leakage. A range of these factors include dirt or food particles caught in the door seals or hinges, decayed seals to broken latches, damaged hinges, slamming the door or general wear and tear can cause the oven door to separate slightly from the oven enclosure meaning invisible radiation waves leak through your microwave and can potentially cause damage or injury to the user. While the microwave is switched odd and sealed correctly, exposure to this radiation cannot occur.

Our qualified technicians can complete a microwave leakage inspection test on site ensuring there is no threat of electric shock to you or your co-workers and ensure your equipment meets the highest microwave safety standards.

This microwave test is in accordance with AS/NZS 60335.2.25 and includes:

Safeguarding your microwave to ensure compliancy with Australian Safety Standard AS3350.2.25
Power outputs of the microwave are operating at correct levels of electrical flow and 3 point safety check
Conduct a physical damage inspection to ensure correct functionality and safety in line with Australian Standards
Barcoding microwave units for tracking and data management procedures
Placing a certification label on the front door of the microwave stating the radiation and power levels
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