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Lighting / Lamp Maintenance


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Over the course of time commercial office lighting can become incompetent for a variety of different reasons and can lead to reduced lighting in your workplace. Testel Appliance Testing - Testel Test and Tag Perth can detect and rectify these faults. From simple cleaning to replacing damaged diffusers, providing new light bulbs or the installation of new lighting fittings when necessary. Proficient lighting in workplaces is crucial to enable staff to see clearly and perform their work efficiently and safely. Good lighting ensures staff easily view their work and can work in an environment without straining their eyes.  Poor light levels can be an Occupational Health and Safety concern causing problems for workers. Defective lighting can all cause general vision problems and headaches.

Testel Appliance Testing's fully qualified technicians can give your lighting system a comprehensive restoration to ensure that your staff have adequate lighting to perform their everyday tasks. Our vehicles are equipped with a complete range or parts to aid in proficient lighting requirements alongside coloured tubes to suit ant environment and complete LUX level readings in compliance with Australia Standards.

Our Perth electricians can also change out:

Blown Globes
Replacing Burnt Out Tubes and Lamps
Replacing Fluorescent Tubes, Globes, Mercury Vapour or Metal Halide Lights

Testel Appliance Testing - Testel Test and Tag Perth are experienced in handling the entire relamping process including:

Replacing Incandescent Globes with Energey Efficient Globes
Help Manage your Lamp Stock
Timing Lamp / Globe Changeouts
Ordering Lamps & Parts
Auditing of Site Specific Requirements
Replacing Failed Fittings
Complete Fit out of New Fittings
Environmentally-Friendly Disposal of Old Parts
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